bc-web installation


  • Java 8


  1. download bc-agent distribution file

root# cd /downloads-directory
root# wget http://beyondcron.com/downloads/bc-web_version_all.deb

root# cd /downloads-directory
root# wget http://beyondcron.com/downloads/bc-web_version-0.noarch.rpm

user% cd /downloads-directory
user% wget http://beyondcron.com/downloads/bc-web-version.zip

  1. if it does not already exist, create /etc/apt/sources.list.d/beyondcron.list

root# echo 'deb https://beyondcron.com/dists/stable /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/beyondcron.list

the package apt-transport-https is required in order to use an https source. If you are unable to install this package, change the source entry to deb http://beyondcron.com/dists/stable /.

  1. if it does not already exist, download the BeyondCron signing key /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/beyondcron.gpg

root# cd /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d
root# wget https://beyondcron.com/dists/stable/beyondcron.gpg

  1. update package index files

root# apt-get update

  1. if it does not already exist, create /etc/yum/repos.d/beyondcron.repo

root# cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/beydoncron.repo << EOF
name=BeyondCron packages

  1. install package and start daemon
  1. install package and start daemon

root# dpkg -i bc-web_version_all.deb

root# rpm -i bc-web_version-0.noarch.rpm

root# apt-get install bc-web

root# yum install bc-web

If they do not already exist, installing this package will create the following:

  • operating system user bc-web to run bc-web;
  • directory /opt/bc-web containing this package;
  • configuration file /etc/default/bc-web;
  • log file /var/log/bc-web.log on initd systems;

It will also register and start bc-web as a service.

if the package cannot find a version of Java 8 already installed, the installation will fail.


On init systems, the bc-web service can be started and stopped using the service command. e.g.

root# service bc-web (start|stop)

On systemd systems, the bc-web service can be started and stopped using the systemctl command. e.g.

root# systemctl (start|stop) bc-web


On init systems, output is written to the file /var/log/bc-web.log.

On systemd systems, output is written to the systemd journal and can be viewed using journalctl. e.g.

root# journalctl -u bc-web

  1. move to the install directory

user% cd /install-directory

  1. unzip distribution

user% unzip /downloads-directory/bc-web-version.zip

The distribution will will create the sub-directory bc-web.

  1. confirm installation

user% ./bc-web/bin/bc-web --version

bc-web version

Configuration variables

The following configuration variables can be defined within the file /etc/default/bc-web.

BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES one or more space separated server[:port]s to connect to. Default is the name returned by /bin/hostname.
BEYONDCRON_SERVER_PORT the server port number. Default is 5701.
BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_NAME name of BeyondCron cluster to join. Default is beyondcron.
BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_PASSWORD password of cluster. If password is in the format file:filename, then the password will be read from filename. Default is a cluster specific random string.
BEYONDCRON_JETTY_CONFIG Jetty configuration file.
BEYONDCRON_HTTP_PORT on which to listen for http requests. Default is 8080.
BEYONDCRON_TIME_ZONE default timezone.
BEYONDCRON_CHECK_HOSTS_EXIST check that command job hosts exist. Default is true.
BEYONDCRON_ALERT_COMMAND operating system command which is called when bc-web stops unexpectedly. This can be used for example to send an email or SMS message. When called, the following environment variables will be set:
BEYONDCRON_ALERT_REASON – description of error. e.g. “bc-web stopped unexpectedly” or “bc-web stopped after receiving signal 15”.
BEYONDCRON_EXIT_CODE – exit code of bc-web
BEYONDCRON_OS_USER – operating system user name which bc-web was running under.
BEYONDCRON_ECHO enable/disable the echo url. Default is true, enabled.
JAVA_OPTS one or more JVM options. e.g. -Xms2T -Xmx2M

if installing the BeyondCron components bc-agent, bc-server & bc-web on separate servers, then at least the variable BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES will need to be set to include the names of each server.

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