Server providing a web based BeyondCron management console.


bc-web [--cluster name] [--jetty filename] [--port port] [server][:port] ... bc-web --version bc-web --help

--cluster name of BeyondCron cluster to to connect to. Default is beyondcron.
--jetty filename Location of optional Jetty configuration file.
--port port on which to listen for http requests. Default is 8080.
server server name/s within the cluster. Default is name returned by /bin/hostname.
port server port number. Default is 5701, the value of the enviornment variable BEYONDCRON_SERVER_PORT.
--version print the command version.
--help print the command options.

Environment variables

BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES one or more space separated server[:port]s to connect to. Default is the name returned by /bin/hostname.
BEYONDCRON_SERVER_PORT the server port number. Default is 5701.
BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_NAME name of BeyondCron cluster to join. Default is beyondcron.
BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_PASSWORD password of cluster. If password is in the format file:filename, then the password will be read from filename. Default is a cluster specific random string.
BEYONDCRON_JETTY_CONFIG Jetty configuration file.
BEYONDCRON_HTTP_PORT on which to listen for http requests. Default is 8080.
BEYONDCRON_TIME_ZONE default timezone.
BEYONDCRON_CHECK_HOSTS_EXIST check that command job hosts exist. Default is true.
BEYONDCRON_ALERT_COMMAND operating system command which is called when bc-web stops unexpectedly. This can be used for example to send an email or SMS message. When called, the following environment variables will be set:
BEYONDCRON_ALERT_REASON – description of error. e.g. “bc-web stopped unexpectedly” or “bc-web stopped after receiving signal 15”.
BEYONDCRON_EXIT_CODE – exit code of bc-web
BEYONDCRON_OS_USER – operating system user name which bc-web was running under.
BEYONDCRON_ECHO enable/disable the echo url. Default is true, enabled.
JAVA_OPTS one or more JVM options. e.g. -Xms2T -Xmx2M

where a parameter is defined on both the command line and as an environment variable, the command line value will be used.


/ BeyondCron management console.
/docs BeyondCron online manual.
/echo Simple echo URL, that reports what http data it received.


Start on default port

jsmith% bc-web &

... bc-web 2.0.170215 ... Copyright (C) 2017 Adrian Riordan. All rights reserved. ...

jsmith% open http://localhost:8080

Login window

Open the online manual.

jsmith% open http://localhost:8080/docs

Online manual

Echo an http query.

jsmith% open http://localhost:8080/echo?name=John%20Smith

echo query



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