bc-serverservice user Unix

This is a user service which maps Unix users and groups into BeyondCron users and roles.

Only use this service if your server uses and external name service for users, as it is not able to authenticate users whose passwords are stored in /etc/shadow.

Environment variables

UNIX_CONFIG Name of a configuration file containing Unix user service configuration variables. If not an absolute file name, BeyondCron will search BEYONDCRON_DIR_CONFIG, the directory in which bc-server was started, and ~/.UNIX_CONFIG for this file. Default = unix.dat

Configuration variables

The following configuration variables can be defined within the UNIX_CONFIG file, or as environment variables.

UNIX_REFRESH_PERIOD Period in minutes after which the Unix user/group → BeyondCron user/role mappings are refreshed. The command user service can be used to refresh on demand. Default is 15 minutes.
UNIX_GROUP_PREFIX Any Unix groups named with this prefix will be mapped within BeyondCron as roles without the prefix. e.g. bc_operatoroperator. Any users belonging to these groups will be registered as belonging to the resultant role. Default is bc_
UNIX_GROUP_REQUIRED If true, only Unix users who belong to one or more bc_name groups will be able to login to BeyondCron. Default is false
UNIX_PAM_AUTH_SERVICE PAM authentication service to authenticate users against. Default is login

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