bc-serverservice etcd

This is a configuration service connects to a etcd distributed key value store.

If configured, bc-server will use etcd for the discovery and population of BeyondCron servers, instead of using the BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES environment variable.

Environment variables

BEYONDCRON_DIR_CONFIG Location of configuration directory.
ETCD_CONFIG Name of a configuration file containing etcd service configuration variables. If not an absolute file name, BeyondCron will search BEYONDCRON_DIR_CONFIG, the directory in which bc-server was started, and ~/.ETCD_CONFIG for this file. Default = etcd.dat

Configuration variables

The following configuration variables can be defined within the ETCD_CONFIG file, or as environment variables.

ETCD_ENDPOINTS Space separated list for etcd servers to connect to. Default = http://localhost:2379/
ETCD_PROTOCOL Protocol on which the etcd endpoints are listening on. This value is used for any servers listed in ETCD_ENDPOINTS that do not include a protocol. Default = http
ETCD_PORT Port on which the etcd endpoints are listening. This value is used for any servers listed in ETCD_ENDPOINTS that do not include a port. Default = 2379
ETCD_USER_NAME name of user to authenticate with the etcd servers as. If not defined, BeyondCron will attempt an unauthenticated connection to the etcd Servers.
ETCD_USER_PASSWORD password of the etcd authentication user. If the password is in the format file:filename, then the password will be read from filename. Default is no password.
ETCD_DIR etcd directory in which BeyondCron will read/write key/value pairs. Default = /BeyondCron/clusters/BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_NAME