bc-clijob subject

Set the subject of an email job.


job subject name subject

name of job whose subject to set.
subject of email. See variables for available variables that can be included.


BeyondCron job {{ trigger.name }} {{ trigger.result }}

write on name

email & message for setting the email jobs address and message.

this command will set the job type to email.


Set a static email subject

BeyondCron % job subject /examples/email/simple Simple message
BeyondCron % job list full simple-message

----------- -------------------------------- Name /examples/email/simple Description Send a message to John Smith ... Subject Simple message ...

Set a subject which includes template variables

BeyondCron % job subject /examples/email/triggered Job {{ trigger.name }} {{ trigger.result }}
BeyondCron % job list full triggered

----------- -------------------------------- Name /examples/email/triggered Description Send a message when triggered ... Subject Job {{ trigger.name }} {{ trigger.result }} Subject Job {{ trigger.name }} {{ trigger.result }} ...

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