bc-clijob host

Set the host on which to run a jobs’ command.


job host name host

name of job to modify.
host to execute the jobs’ command on. By default host must be a known host. To disable host checking, set the environment variable BEYONDCRON_CHECK_HOSTS_EXIST to false.
If host is example.com, or is within the domain .example.com, the job will be executed using the echo utility.

write on name, and host acl permission on host.

command, input & user for setting the command jobs’ command, input and user.

this command will set the job type to command.


Set the host of a job

BeyondCron % job host /examples/server/backup server1
BeyondCron % job list full backup

----------- ----------------------- Name /examples/server/backup Description Business day backup ... Host server1 ...

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