bc-clijob delay

Set the delay period of a trigger job.


job delay name n unit

name of job whose delay to set.
n length of delay.
unit of delay length. Where unit is one of second[s], minute[s] or hour[s].

write on name

this command will set the job type to trigger.


Set a delay of 0 seconds

BeyondCron % job delay /examples/email/trigger 0 seconds
BeyondCron % job list full trigger

----------- ----------------------- Name /examples/email/trigger Description Simple trigger job ... Delay 0 seconds ...

Set a delay of 2 minutes

BeyondCron % job delay /examples/email/delay 2 minutes
BeyondCron % job list full delay

----------- --------------------- Name /examples/email/delay Description Simple delay job ... Delay 2 minutes ...

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