bc-cli installation


  • Java 8


  1. download bc-cli distribution file;

root# cd /downloads-directory
root# wget http://beyondcron.com/downloads/bc-cli_version_all.deb

root# cd /downloads-directory
root# wget http://beyondcron.com/downloads/bc-cli_version-0.noarch.rpm

user% cd /downloads-directory
user% wget http://beyondcron.com/downloads/bc-cli-version.zip

  1. install package

If they do not already exist, installing this package will create the following:

  • directory /opt/bc-cli containing this package;
  • symbolic link /usr/local/bc-cli/opt/bc-cli/bin/bc-cli;

root# dpkg -i bc-cli_version_all.deb

root# rpm -i bc-cli_version-0.noarch.rpm

if the package cannot find a version of Java 8 already installed, the installation will fail.

  1. move to the install directory

The distribution will will create the sub-directory bc-cli.

user% cd /install-directory

  1. unzip distribution

user% unzip /downloads-directory/bc-cli-version.zip

  1. confirm installation

user% ./bc-cli/bin/bc-cli —version

bc-cli version

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