bc-cliicalendar list

List details of one or more icalendars.


icalendar list [full] [filter]

full include full details of each icalendar.
filter limits output to icalendars whose name contains the filter string.

read on /_beyondcron/icalendars


List all icalendars

BeyondCron % icalendar list

Name Description URI ----------- ------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Daily Monday to Sunday beyondcron:/calendar/Daily Weekday Monday to Friday beyondcron:/calendar/Weekday Weekend Saturday and Sunday beyondcron:/calendar/Weekend JP Holidays http://ical.mac.com/ical/Japanese32Holidays.ics ...

List holiday icalendars

BeyondCron % icalendar list Holidays

Name Description URI ----------- ----------- ----------------------------------------------- JP Holidays http://ical.mac.com/ical/Japanese32Holidays.ics UK Holidays http://ical.mac.com/ical/UK32Holidays.ics

List full details of an icalendar

BeyondCron % icalendar list full JP

Name Description URI References Last modified ... ----------- ----------- -------------------------... ---------- ------------------- ... JP Holidays http://ical.mac.com/ical/... 2 Sat Nov 16 05:59:34 ...

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