bc-cligroup list

List the contents of a group.


group list [group]

group whose contents to list. If relative group will be appended to the working group.
Default = working group.
+ entry is a an acl. If name is empty, then the acl applies to group being listed. If appended to another type, e.g j+, then that entry has a specific acl.
c entry is a calendar.
g entry is a sub-group.
j entry is a job.

read on group .


List a specific group

BeyondCron % group set /examples/minimal

Type Name Description ---- --------- ------------------------- + j command j scheduled Scheduled job description j triggered Triggered job description j url c weekdays

List the working group

BeyondCron % group list

Type Name Description ---- ---------- ----------- + g+ amazon/ g+ calendar/ g crontabs/ g examples/ g server1/ ...

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