Server for executing jobs locally and or/remotely using ssh.


bc-agent [--cluster name] [--user user] [--host host] [--local] [server][:port] ... bc-agent --version bc-agent --help

--cluster name of BeyondCron cluster to join. Default is beyondcron.
--user user name of user to login the the BeyondCron cluster as. Default is agent.
--host host host name of agent. Default is name returned by /bin/hostname.
--local start as a local job executor only, and do not attempt to execure non-local
jobs using ssh. Default is non-local , executing jobs using ssh.
server server name/s within the cluster. Default, the value of the environment variable BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES.
port server port number. Default, the value of the enviornment variable BEYONDCRON_SERVER_PORT.
--version print the command version.
--help print the command options.

Environment variables

BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES one or more space separated server[:port]s to connect to.
Default is a plumbed IP address that best matches the rules defined by the environment variables BEYONDCRON_SERVER_ADDRESS_PRIVATE, BEYONDCRON_SREVER_ADDRESS_IPV6 & BEYONDCRON_SERVER_ADDRESS_IGNORE.
BEYONDCRON_SERVER_PORT the server port number. Default is 5701.
BEYONDCRON_SERVER_ADDRESS_PRIVATE When searching for an address, only chose a private network address. Default is true.
BEYONDCRON_SERVER_ADDRESS_IPV6 When searching for an address, prefer an IPv6 address. Default is false.
BEYONDCRON_SERVER_ADDRESS_IGNORE Space separated list of IP address prefixes. When searching for an address, ignore any addresses that begin with one of these prefixes. This can be useful, on servers with one or more management interfaces.
BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_NAME name of BeyondCron cluster to join. Default is beyondcron.
BEYONDCRON_CLUSTER_PASSWORD password of cluster. If password is in the format file:filename, then the password will be read from filename. Default is a cluster specific random string.
BEYONDCRON_AGENT_LOCAL start as a local job executor only.
BEYONDCRON_AGENT_USER_NAME name of user to connect to server as. Default is agent.
BEYONDCRON_AGENT_USER_PASSWORD password of user. If password is in the format file:filename, then the password will be read from filename. Default is a BeyondCron specific random string.
BEYONDCRON_AGENT_SERVICE name of an agent service.
BEYONDCRON_AGENT_SSL_THREADS number of ssl commands that agent will try to execute simultaneously. If set too high, jobs are likely to fail due bc-agent being unable to fork. Default is 100.
BEYONDCRON_HOST_NAME host name of agent. Default is the name returned by /bin/hostname.
BEYONDCRON_CHECK_HOSTS_REACHABLE check that command job hosts are reachable. Default is true.
BEYONDCRON_ALERT_COMMAND operating system command which is called when bc-agent stops unexpectedly. This can be used for example to send an email or SMS message. When called, the following environment variables will be set:
BEYONDCRON_ALERT_REASON – description of error. e.g. “bc-agent stopped unexpectedly” or “bc-agent stopped after receiving signal 15”.
BEYONDCRON_EXIT_CODE – exit code of bc-agent
BEYONDCRON_OS_USER – operating system user name which bc-agent was running under.
BEYONDCRON_ECHO enable/disable the echo command and url. Default is true, enabled.
BEYONDCRON_ECHO_HOST name of host whose commands/webhooks are sent to the echo command/url. Default is example.com.
BEYONDCRON_ECHO_COMMAND path to the echo command. Default is /opt/bc-agent/bin/echo.
BEYONDCRON_ECHO_URL URL to the echo url. Default is http://localhost:8080/echo.
BEYONDCRON_ENVIRONMENT_PATH value of PATH environment variable which is set when executing command jobs. Default = /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin
JAVA_OPTS one or more JVM options. e.g. -Xms2T -Xmx2M
JDBC_CLASSPATH location of one or more JDBC drivers, which are used when executing SQL jobs. BeyondCron includes drivers for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
LOG4J_CONFIGURATION location of the log4j configuration file. If this file does not exist, bc-agent will create and populate it, with the bc-agent defaults.

where a parameter is defined on both the command line and as an environment variable, the command line value will be used.






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